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    10/02/16 06:02 PM

    Techniques for writing Web applications in the API world

    Ljubomir Simin
    Amphitheater in the main building University of Novi Sad
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Tamara Luković
Marko Jovanov
Nenad Veselinovic
Ferenc Sekereš
Stevo Milošević
Ivan Kulic
Sinisa Tutus
Nataša Tutuš


Today's applications have high expectations with regard to data availability, device compatibility and quality. When tasked with picking the right software stack it's good to be aware of the current concepts and trends.
During the presentation we'll discuss the traditional and modern techniques for developing Web applications and analyze them on the field of development speed, available tools and testability. As a common examples of popular front-end technologies we'll compare Thymeleaf with AngularJS.







Ljubomir Simin

Ljubomir Simin is a big fan of computers, video games and good food. He earns his daily bread by writing enterprise and Web applications, mostly in Java and related technologies, and fills the spare time by hacking old consoles, analyzing video games (anyone said romhack?) and arguing on the internet.

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