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Geekstone Pub Talks


We’re more than excited to announce our new event Geekstone Pub Talks - "Inspirational talks with amazing developers." It will take place on May 19t...

By Maja Bozic

Write for us


We are always looking for excellent writers for the Geekstone community blog. Since we are devoted to the enrichment of our audience’s lives, both pe...

By Maja Bozic

Find where to park your car during the conference


Here are a few tips where you can leave your car: 1.    Try to find an available spot in the blue zone. The price for every hour started is 45 RSD. T...

By Maja Bozic

Vision A vision of the organization Geekstone is based on the assumption that Serbia will be in 10 years the leading country in Europe for the production of high-quality IT solutions and in accordance with that is the mission of the organization

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Geekstone is a nonprofit organization dedicated to gathering programmers to easily exchange knowledge, experience and ideas about programming using all technologies for software development. Geekstone friends and sponsors are a socially responsible company that recognized the value and importance of this organization to strengthening the IT community as an opportunity to showcase their company in front of a large number of potential collaborators.

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About Us

Geekstone is a non-profit organization dedicated to gathering developers with an aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas related to programming. Moreover, Geekstone is a place for networking and socializing.

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