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    21/10/15 06:00 PM

    Functional testing of RESTful applications - tools and techniques

    Nenad Bozic
    Amphitheater in the Main building - University of Novi Sad
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Sasa Savic
Đurđica Medić
Aleksandar Miljanovic
Tijana Popov
Nikola Panic


Rise in popularity of the microservice architecture on one side and need to have the server which has many clients (mobile, web, machine to machine) brought both the challenge and the opportunity to better test RESTful applications on level of features. Main feature of RESTful application are exposed endpoints which enable creating test application as REST client which will view our application as blackbox. Test application can prepare input and wait for output which can be compared against expected one.


In this presentation we will give overview of types of test you can do, concentrate on blackbox testing over REST Api, touch the terms of whitebox testing and graybox testing and why later approach is useful for external dependencies outside of our control and explain why you should use tools such as Cucumber to better communicate features with business people. Presentation will walk through our experiences and how we overcame problems along the way.


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Nenad Bozic

Craftsman with more than 10 years of experience, all arounder but when he does backend coding (mostly in Java) he feels right at home. Strong believer in balance between good technical skills and soft skills. Striving for knowledge is his main drive, which is why he enjoys learning new tools and languages. His current focus is Big Data and surrounding ecosystem of tools which is why he co-founded SmartCat company. Family guy, most of his free time tries to spend with his wife and daughter but also likes board gaming, snowboarding and playing tennis and football.

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