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    Designing Indexes and Keys

    Duško Mirković
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Structure of keys and indexes can greatly affect table physical storage and the performance when manipulating its data. Sometimes the choice of indexes is accidental or automatically generated which can severely impact performance and it is usually detected in late phases of the project when it can be expensive to change database schema. This session gives several guidelines that will prevent typical pitfalls and explain why it is important to carefully design indexes and keys.



      -   The difference between index and key,

      -   The key design considerations,

      -   The index design considerations.




Duško Mirković

Duško is software architect in Schneider Electric DMS NS. If he had another job, software development would be his hobby. For the last 7 years he spent most of the time developing databases and data access layer for SQL Server, historical databases, data warehouses as well as database development process. Broad foundation in object oriented programming helps him to more efficiently bridge the gap between object and relational model. He believes that one can only be strong as much as the people around him, which gives him motivation to share. When he shuts down the computer he likes to spend time with his family and friends or read epic fantasy and science fiction.

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