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    Advanced C# Part 2: Memory management

    Ivan Nemeš
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Quite often you hear people are saying: “You don't need to worry about the memory in C#!”  or “You can't have significant memory problems in C#!” But the truth is actually opposite.

Whenever you make a long running service, or application which should process large amount of the data, memory management is a real concern! 

This lecture tries to give insight how .NET's CLR handles memory and what we should know regarding it.

Following topics will be covered:

- how CLR's garbage collection works in depth (including object finalization)

- do we need destructors and when,

- what's the proper implementation of disposable pattern,

- when to use structures,

- best practices regarding memory management while writing code,

- and how to perform memory profiling.




Ivan Nemeš

Ivan Nemeš is a Software Developer at Vega IT Sourcing. He pays particular attention to the development principles and he always striving to bring the application to perfection. He has extensive knowledge in the field of software security-I and his specialties are design patterns and dynamic software architectures.

His favorite languages are Objective C and C#, but he has a lot of experience in C / C ++, Java, Pascal, and various script languages and tools for software design..

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    21000 Novi Sad

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